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Now Available: 3rd Edition of the Municipal Water and Wastewater Design-Build Handbook

The 3rd Edition of the WDBC Municipal Water Design-Build Handbook provides practitioners with guidelines for best practices to manage and factors to use in procuring services to implement water and wastewater infrastructure projects using Design-Build (DB), Construction Management at-Risk (CMAR) delivery methods, as well as Design-Build-Operate (DBO). Equally important, the 3rd edition of the Handbook focuses on new and clearer terminology for use in the water industry. Download the Handbook now to learn more about:

  • Understanding the Basics of Design-Build and CMAR for water infrastructure projects
  • The spectrum of project delivery methods and key factors to use in the decision-making process
  • Planning for a Design-Build or CMAR project and determining the best method for a particular water infrastructure project
  • The major steps in the procurement process for Design-Build and CMAR projects
  • Risk allocation in Design-Build and CMAR projects and understanding the basic risk allocation principles
  • Management and oversight of Design-Build and CMAR contracts
  • The final steps of a project, including startup and commissioning, project acceptance and transitioning to owner operations
  • The key components to implementing a Design-Build- Operate project
  • An appendix highlighting award winning Design-Build, CMAR and DBO water infrastructure projects
  • 2014 Utility Management Conference Workshop – Integrating Life-Cycle Costs and Asset Management for Design-Build Projects

Download the Handbook now!

Procurement Guide for Progressive Design-Build Projects

These documents are produced by the WDBC Technical Practices Committee with the intended purpose of assisting owners in identifying the most appropriate procurement process for a particular PDB project and in preparing RFQs and RFPs that will promote each owner’s interests and objectives.The progressive design-build method of delivering infrastructure projects combines the owner’s direct control over project concept and detailed design with the design-builder’s innovation – and creates a single point of accountability.

WDBC Guidelines for Best Practices


The following presentations have been converted to PDF format for your use.

 Project Case Studies Using Design-Build are also found on the website map

 American Water Works Association (AWWA) Resources

The AWWA Design–Build for Water and Wastewater Projects, book, edited by Holly Shorney-Darby, PhD, and chapters authored by WDBC members, is produced for water utility industry managers, engineers, planners, city officials, policymakers, regulators, and practitioners. Its contents  provide a basic template to manage and implement a design-build project.