Water Design-Build Council membership is open to any private-sector company engaged in integrated design and construction services or construction management-at-risk (CMAR). A company must function in the capacity either as a prime contractor or under a risk-sharing arrangement with a partner. In providing these services, the company must have demonstrated in-depth, in-house comprehensive engineering capabilities to design and build public or private (investor-owned), rate-regulated utility water or wastewater treatment infrastructure facilities in North America.

WDBC Membership categories are regular, associate and allied. Member categories are related to the gross revenues generated from design-build and CMAR water and wastewater infrastructure projects in North America in the prior calendar year. Revenue categories are based on those between $80 and $40 million; those less than $40 million per year; and those less than $20 million per year.

Membership is tied to the company/firm. A regular member firm meets one of the two revenue categories. A regular member has one representative member vote on the Board of Directors (and a designated alternate); with the designated representative eligible to serve as an officer of the Board of Directors. Firms within the second (revenue) category have the option of joining as an associate member.

Associate member firms are entitled to a designated representative (and alternate) who attends all Board meetings and participates in all activities (committees and projects) of the Board. Associate Members only have full voting privileges at the WDBC Annual Meeting and in committee activities. Accordingly, Associate Member representatives cannot be elected as an officer of the Board of Directors.

An allied member category encompasses firms with engineering and design expertise and reporting less than $20 million in annual revenues for water and wastewater project services. The firm will either be currently working, or have engineering capabilities to work in some capacity on design-build or CMAR water projects. Allied Members participate in committee activities, attend the annual meeting, and will form a group that designates one individual to fill a representative seat and vote on the WDBC Board of Directors.