Member Benefits

A member company, both full and associate, has one designated member, and one alternate member – both of whom can attend all Board meetings and participate in all committees, development of positions and project activities.

WDBC members benefit directly from opportunities to network with industry thought-leaders and to become involved in essential industry initiatives, including:

  • Industry-focused research
  • Industry-directed education
  • Industry-derived advocacy

As an independent and industry-focused organization, the WDBC’s leadership investigates current and future topics concerning the use of design-build and CMAR approaches for delivering water infrastructure projects. Specifically, the WDBC awards grants to selected universities to conduct independent research directed to answering critical questions about the practices of design-build and CMAR. WDBC’s commitment to industry-focused research provides members with reliable information about current technology and future trends that helps their business development efforts.

Education materials produced by WDBC, including the Handbook, fact sheets and member case studies, are made available for members’ use in building a credible knowledge base with municipal leaders, utility owners and political decision makers. Member case studies provide credible, concrete models of how and why design-build and CMAR are successful, efficient and cost-effective project delivery methods. Members benefit from this industry-directed education approach, gaining increased knowledge and expertise that enables them to better promote the value of alternative delivery models.

As a national advocate, the Council is well positioned with a united presence before federal and state legislators as well as local public officials. As an example, when Congress was debating the stimulus bill, the WDBC advocated to have design-build recognized in the legislation. In 2011, WDBC attended hearings and presented position statements supporting the need for funding water infrastructure projects. Members benefit from WDBC’s strong, credible voice as a national advocate for the value of the design-build and CMAR delivery models in the water/wastewater sector. Members also benefit from the national role that WDBC pursues in identifying and promoting best practices.